Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boris Visits Leon's House

Well! I was so excited to be chosen as star of the week and have Boris hang out with my family and I.
I have enjoyed having his company, we have swung on the swing, lounged in the hammock and done some fancy moves on the tramp.
Boris has slept in my arms every night and also come shopping with my mum and I (I put him in the trolley just like a real kid and pushed him around).
I've found out that Boris is quite the acrobat, he did a triple somersault and landed on the roof of my house, lucky mummy's friend is really tall and rescued him for me. Phew!
Thank you for your company and I hope to get another chance to hang out again sometime.

Playing on the Digger with Garth

Boris went on my digger and it was fun.
Boris was balancing on Garth's bed.
Boris you were great!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Boris Catching up on sleep with Kaiya.

Boris and I asleep.

Boris Bear the famous X-Box Champion

Boris and I playing on my x-box.

Boris visiting Georgia

Boris looking at the tadpoles with Georgia and Emily.

Boris has had a very good holiday at the beach.

He has been very lazy lying on my bed.

Boris is looking forward to meeting a new friend.